Jack Allen Contact Lenses

27, Redburn Industrial Estate, Woodall Rd, Ponders End,
Enfield, Middlesex, EN3 4LQ


Telephone : 020 8804 2944
email : jackallen@optician.com

Services we offer

                                  GP Lens Range

  JACL supply  practioners one of the widest range of Gas Permeable lenses available, within the contact lens market.

We specialise in the manufacture of GP lenses with each lens being made individually to as many different parameters, where technically possible.

To compliment our bespoke manufacture we offer many different materials with a wide range of DK values from PMMA (zero) up to 135 units.

Over many years GP designs have come on to the market only to become obsolete, we at JACL can offer a compatible lens to most of  these designs, all you need to do is call us, inform us of the design name and we will do our best to accommodate both you and your patient.


JACL are not just a “one lens” scleral company , to give you the best possible service we have enhanced our PROFILE K range by adding four extra lenses to the design:

P14.00     P16.00    P16.50      P18.00

For details of our Scleral lenses please call and we will send information to you.