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    Profile Lenses

 Practitioner Information

Profile, the system lens for Keratoconus.

Developed by Mr Kenneth Pullum in conjunction with JACL, this lens has proved to be the choice of many contact lens fitters throughout the world.  

The design of the lens allows the practitioner to fit mild, through to advanced keratoconus. This is achieved by way of three overall diameters, interlinked by a series of linear, steep to flat base curves.  

Although a high percentage of patients can be fitted with the standard series of  Profile, a custom service is available for that small group who may need a variation of the standard parameters.


Developed in 2010 we have now added the XR at 10.60 diameter to the range.

Developed in 2011 we also now have  PROFILE with a 14.00 diameter called simply P14.

Developed in Feb 2012 the PROFILE P16.50 and P18 have been added to the range.

To enhance Profile, JACL will supply the lens in a wide range of materials.  

For details of fitting, or to discuss Profile, please call now.

For Patients :

Profile is available in many Hospital Contact Lens Clinics, where keratoconus patients are achieving great success with both  lens wearing time and vision.  

Profile is also available from Private Practices. Please speak to your Contact Lens Consultant for further information.

Bill Wilson

Discussing PROFILE at open evening