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Slim Lens



First made available in late 2002, the original concept of S-lim (Semi limbal),  was as a lens  for Keratoconic patients where a corneal lens would not settle and the patient could accommodate  Scleral  lenses.

Since the introduction of the lens, not only has it been used for keratoconus, but also a number of other patients have benefited from being fitted with S-lim.

These include :-

- Trauma/corneal disturbance

- Post Surgery

- Non tolerance to corneal lens

The lens is available in overall diameters of:

13.50 -14.75,

and  two materials:

70dk and 120dk.

An advantage to fitters of this type of lens is that each individual peripheral curve can be adjusted steeper or flatter to conform to the shape of the eye, for example the scleral  curve of a lens can be made to standard format with intermediate peripherals being adjusted.

Also available is a range of Slim Lenses with reverse geometry format for post graph patients For full details of S-lim, please contact us


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